• RebuildSPID (LISP) -Recreates SPID labels with user defined size. Works with all spaces, or user selected spaces. (Currently FREE as a sample of the kind of work I do). Download of:
               RebuildSPIDs.lsp    [ 18 kb ] ( From RSC)  
               RebuildSPIDs.doc    [ 21 kb ] ( From RSC)

  • - ReCalcSpace (LISP) -This routine compares the polyline SF with the database and updates the database if the SF is different. This routine has been optimized for speed, it hits the database once for a list of spaces, and then once for each room that has changed size. On tests, a 300 room floor plan with 10% of the rooms needing updating took 15 seconds to run.

  • Room Polylining tool (VBA) -Allows the user to easily polyline to center and edge of wall.

  • Renumber Floor and Building (LISP) -Redefines the database link on the polyline with new floor and building info (does not change the database).

  • Adjust Label (LISP) -Adjusts FIS/FDC label by shortening the employee name, changing "SqFt" to SF, and moves the employee label under the existing space label.

  • RSC_SQLLabel - Allows you to label spaces with any data in the database that can be associated with the Space table. This is not limited to just space and employee information, but can be any data in the database.

  • RSC_SQLLabelDialog - This routine is the dialog interface to RSC_SQLLabel that allows you to label employee and space information in a single label process.
    It also comes with a command line interface that allows the labels to be generated via an automated process.

  • RSC_SQLHatch - Space Query on nonstandard data elements (LISP) -Does a KeySite Space Query on database select statement that is not supported in the FIS/FDC Space Query Command.

  • GenerateCQY - This tool is used to customize the CQY files so that you can get a consistent color / hatch when doing an FDC Space Query across multiple KeySite drawings.

  • BatchKeysite Process (WinBatch and LISP) -Allows for the batch processing of KeySite drawings utilizing FIS/FDC Space Label, Employee Label, and Space Query functionality.

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